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BHMC Staff

Bristol Hills Music Camp is privileged to have top-notch professionals in their field dedicated to making the summer music camp experience fun and rewarding for the campers.  Our music staff teach in public and private schools around New York State.


Meet Our Staff


Phil Pandori

Camp Director

Equipment Manager

Senior Band Director


Catherine Pandori

Camp Director

Camp Registrar

final-DSC_3004_DxO copy.jpg

Dr. Andrew Bockman

Percussion Instructor


Dr. Brianne Borden


Wellness Electives

Recital Coordinator


Robert Dumas

Senior Chorus Director

Vocal Ensemble

Vocal Techniques

IMG_6796 (1).HEIC

Maria Elmer

Staff Pianist


Betsy Gengo

Junior Band Director

Small Group Ensembles


Shawn Hebert

Senior Chorus Director

Vocal Ensemble

Vocal Techniques

Heyman Headshot - Bristol.jpg

Rachel Heyman

A'cappella Elective Director

Junior Choir Director


Shayne Knight

Junior Band Director

Camp Accompanist

Headshot 1.jpg

Jeffrey Mathews

Camp Accompanist

Theater/Drama Electives


Allison Payne

Chamber & String Ensemble

Symphony Orchestra Director


Ellen Pieroni

Senior Jazz Director

Junior Jazz Director

Jazz Improv Elective


AJ Rockwell

Camp Medical Director

Shannon Headshot.JPG

Shannon Schmiedel

Senior Band Director


Dr. Dan Skidmore

Guitar Electives & Lessons


Amie Vredenberg

Chamber & String Ensemble

Symphony Orchestra Director


Counselors & CITs

All of the counselors at BHMC have previously been campers, many since they were in Junior High School.  Because of this, they understand the daily operations of the camp, but most importantly, they understand issues that campers may face, especially first-time campers and potential homesickness, campers following the schedule, making new friends, camp traditions that 'everyone else seems to know', meal-time rules, etc.  They also musically mentor the campers as they are all very talented musicians.  Most aspire to be music educators or performers and we encourage them to help wherever appropriate.  Our counselors' top priority is the safety and happiness of the campers assigned to their care.

Note:  A custom at many camps is to tip the counselor at the end of the week.  They do receive a very modest wage and work 23 hours each day to ensure a positive and rewarding camp experience for each of their campers.  Tipping is optional and very much appreciated by the counselors as they all return to college within days of the end of camp.


We also offer a great CIT (counselor-in-training) program for campers who are seniors in high school, have attended BHMC for at least 2 years and would like to be considered for employment as future counselors*.  They are campers who are given an opportunity to show their leadership in various situations during the camp week.  A camper who is a senior does not have to participate in the CIT program.  (*The CIT program does not guarantee job placement.)

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