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Camper Requirements

Camper Requirements

Who is eligible to attend Bristol Hills Music Camp?

Campers must be entering 7th through 12th grades and must have had at least two years of music instruction. They must also love to play their instrument and/or sing, as we do a lot of this during the week! We do not require an audition to attend our camp. Music is a passion for our staff, counselors, and campers and so they like to practice and they practice a lot. When you practice something a lot, you get better at it, and progress is inevitable. BHMC gives you the opportunity to be among musicians who share your passion. We simply ask that all campers be dedicated to doing their best.

Parent Responsibilities

Parent Responsibilities

Suggestions for parents for your camper's success:


  • Please review our camp rules and code of conduct with your camper

  • Encourage your musician to practice daily

  • Prepare them for camp: we wake up early, so please help condition them to do
    so about 1 week prior to camp time

  • Check your email often for news and reminders of upcoming deadlines and important camp information

  • Help your camper pack - refer to the "What to Bring to Camp" section

  • Refrain from frequent cell phone calls to your camper - see "Our Cell Phone Policy" section

  • Send mail or small care packages - campers love mail, regardless of their age and # of years at camp!

Camp Rules

Camp Rules

For the safety and enjoyment of all...

Our camp rules are short and simple: no drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, remain on camp grounds, wear appropriate clothing, including shoes at all times, and give all medications (prescription and over-the-counter) to the camp nurse.

Our code of conduct is the same as most schools: Bristol Hills Music Camp will not tolerate any form of physical, emotional, sexual, and/or verbal harassment. The offender's parents will be notified and the offender will be sent home.

Camper Responsibilities

Camper Responsibilities

Suggestions for campers for your success at camp:

  • Practice daily over the summer and come to camp prepared to play/sing at

least 3+ hours each day

  • Take care of yourself - get enough sleep, eat properly, get to rehearsals on

time, limit your cell phone use and have fun!


  • Your counselors and camp staff - learn from them, follow their directions, ask them for help and advice

  • Your peers - support their efforts, treat them as you would like to be treated

  • Yourself - show your 'good' side, be positive, make new friends, get involved

  • Property - of others by not touching something that isn't yours, of the camp by not defacing, littering or damaging the buildings or grounds

Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

A typical day at BHMC:

7:30 AM - Reveille - RISE & SHINE!
8:00 AM - Breakfast - attendance at ALL meals is mandatory
8:30 AM - Camp chores, clean cabins for inspection, prepare for rehearsals
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Rehearsals and Elective Classes
12:15 PM - Lunch
1:00 PM - Rest/Cabin Time
2:00 PM - All Camp Chorus Rehearsals
3:00-5:00 PM - Pool time, senior jazz & small ensembles & orchestra rehearsals
5:00 PM - Bands Sight Reading 5:45 PM - Dinner
6:30-8:15 PM - Free Time/Recreation, extra vocal rehearsals, junior jazz ens.
8:15 PM - Evening Recitals followed by Mixers (dance, play games, mingle)
10:00 PM - In cabins - get ready for bed 10:15 PM - Taps - Lights Out

Check-In Day

Check-in Day

*Check-In Procedures will be updated closer to camp time.

*Please know that every attempt has been made to match you with your cabin-mate preferences listed on your registration form.

NOTE: Pets are not permitted on the BHMC premises, so please say "Goodbye" to them at home.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Optional 30 minute lessons by our talented staff.

The professional music staff at BHMC offers private lessons to interested campers for all band, orchestra, and vocal musicians, as well as guitar. These lessons are optional. The cost is $30 for 1/2 hour. Some campers choose to take 1 or 2 lessons during the week.

Lessons provide an opportunity for campers to have individual, one-on-one instruction. The years of experience that our highly qualified staff provides allows an excellent opportunity for our young musicians to receive motivational instruction in a relaxed and caring camp atmosphere.

You may sign up for lessons by adding the fee to your tuition payment or during Check-In on Sunday.

What to Pack

What to Pack

INSTRUMENT & MUSIC NEEDS - see Instrument... section below.

BEDDING - We sleep in sturdy, wood bunk beds, with a covered foam mattress. A sleeping bag or sheet set & blanket is needed. Suggestion: bring a twin-size sheet to cover the mattress before placing the sleeping bag/pillow on top. Nights can be very cool - please bring an extra blanket.

CONCERT ATTIRE - see Concert Attire...section below


Please LABEL EVERYTHING you bring and be able to carry it to your cabin!

Daily change of clothes, underwear, socks - prepare for hot and cold weather
Jacket or Sweatshirt (or purchase one in our online store prior to camp)
Raincoat or umbrella, rain shoes/boots
Shoes - sneakers, flip-flops for use in the shower, appropriate camp shoes
Bathing Suit - if you wish to swim during rec time
At least 2 bath towels
Toiletries - toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, deodorant, sunscreen, brush
Flashlight, camera...


Camp Food

Camp Food

Our food is lovingly prepared for 200+ people by our wonderful kitchen staff. It is nutritious, tasty and varied. The meals are 'common' foods - baked ziti, chicken tenders, macaroni & cheese, daily salad bar, vegetables, wraps, cereal, eggs...

We offer vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, peanut-free alternatives at every meal - but, special diet requests must be made in advance of camp on the Health History form.

The general rule for bringing food to camp is NO, but if you must have your favorite comfort snack, please bring only NON-PERISHABLE items in an airtight container. It is also nice to bring things that you can share with your cabin-mates. Access to fresh water, fruit and granola bars is available 24-7.

Evening Recitals

Evening Recitals

Recitals are held each evening with performances from staff, counselors and campers.


Recitals offer a great opportunity for our musicians to perform in a supportive and caring environment. Often, this is the musician's first solo performance. It is also a wonderful chance for the audience to hear and watch a wide variety of musical styles and ability levels.

All campers are encouraged, but not required, to perform in a recital. If this is something that the camper may wish to consider, please bring music and the piano accompaniment (if appropriate) with them to camp (pop-style music is not permitted). BHMC employs staff accompanists for all performances. Taped accompaniments are not allowed. Small ensembles also perform at recitals.

The Final Concert

The Final Concert

Saturday, August 19, 2023 at 1 PM in the Main Lodge.

The final concert includes performances by the Senior Jazz Ensemble, Junior & Senior Concert Bands, Symphony Orchestra, Vocal Ensemble, and Junior & Senior High Choruses and usually lasts about 2 1/2 hours. Following the concert, campers will return home with their families.

Chairs are provided, but concert goers may also bring their own folding chairs. Snacks & beverages will be available for purchase at the camp store. Please be prepared with small bills.

Please consider tipping your camper's counselor(s) if they have had a good experience. Counselors receive a very modest wage, but they work 23 hours each day to ensure a happy and rewarding time for their campers.

The Registration Process

The Registration Process

Registration is done on a first-come, first serve basis with special consideration given to instrumentation and age. Early registration will assure your place at camp (many instrument spots fill by March).

After registration is received (with registration form and non-refundable deposit), all correspondence will be via email if an address is supplied. Please check your email often for important confirmations and information.

All registration steps and information can be found on the Registration page. 

Camp Store

Camp Store

Our Camp Store sells snacks (candy, chips, cold bottled water, soda, etc.), camp pictures (of the camper's cabin and a full camp photo) and incidentals. It is open during Camper Check-In, the Final Concert, 1-2 times each day and during the evening mixers. Campers may use their own cash or put money on an individual account during Camper Check-In.

We also offer an ONLINE clothing store with hoodies, shirts, sweatpants, shorts, etc. with our BHMC logo. The online store will ONLY be open for a limited time and the link will be sent to you for pre-orders which are ready for you on check-in day. This is the only way to purchase BHMC clothing. All campers will receive a 2023 BHMC t-shirt at check-in.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are definitely part of all our lives and none of us like to be very far from ours. While we do not prohibit cell phone use, we do have some rules regarding their use and suggestions for campers' success.

Cell phones are off limits during all rehearsals, meals, and camp events (recitals,
campfires). They are also collected at 'lights out' and returned in the morning. This helps campers from getting overtired because they have been on their phone all night. Our experience shows that cell phone use is one of the major causes of homesickness in new and younger campers and the biggest reason for campers not enjoying camp. First-time campers who frequently call friends and family or play games on their phones during free times have a difficult time adjusting to camp life. They miss opportunities to interact with other campers, engage in fun activities and begin the BHMC tradition of making life-long friendships. It may not make sense to you if you have never been to a residential camp, but frequent calls home or from home usually guarantee homesickness.

Homesickness and How to Prevent it!

Summer camp should be FUN, but only if you get involved and make friends!!

Homesickness is somewhat common and can be normal for campers to experience a brief case (no more than 2 days), especially for younger campers and/or campers who are away from home for the first time.

Campers need to be flexible and accepting; try to step out of their comfort zone and make friends, join activities and be open to try new things with new people. The full camp experience won't occur if they resort to cell phone use during free times.

Campers can seek help from a counselor or staff member if they are having trouble. ALL of our counselors and most of the staff have been campers themselves and really do understand what campers may be going through!


Instruments, Music, and Music Stands


ALL INSTRUMENTAL musicians* need to bring their own instrument and a music stand, with each section marked with their name using tape or nail polish.

Campers are responsible for their instruments.


*Percussion instruments will be provided, but PERCUSSIONISTS should bring their own sticks, mallets and a practice pad. BRASS players bring mutes - REED players bring extra reeds.

Seating auditions - STRING majors, bring a piece of music they are comfortable playing. BAND majors will receive a seating audition piece via email in June.

VOCAL majors bring 1 piece of music that they have already performed (in a concert, lesson, or NYSSMA solo, etc.) and are comfortable with AND another piece that is "a work in progress". Pick 2 pieces from different styles (i.e. one classical, one Broadway) and bring the piano part for our accompanist.


Concert Attire

Concert Attire

All week we wear casual, comfortable clothes - on Saturday we look professional!

The dress for the final concert on Saturday is traditional black and white.

White on top, black on bottom, black shoes (no tall heels), and neck tie




INSTRUMENT REPAIR - In the event that an instrument needs a minor repair, our BHMC staff is usually able to help. If it is something more involved, we are lucky to have a local music store in Canandaigua that services our instruments. The cost of the repair is the responsibility of the camper/parent.

CAMPER MAIL - Campers love to receive mail and small care packages.

Please address their mail:

Camper Name, Cabin Name (received at Check-In)
4437 Kear Road
Canandaigua, NY 14424
RECITAL & CONCERT RECORDINGS - will be made available to all campers.

PETS are not permitted on the BHMC campus, so please say goodbye at home.


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